Practical tips to visitors at University of Maryland

If you are planning to visit University of Maryland (UMD) in College Park for some time, here are a few tips that may help you prepare your trip. This information comes from my experience of visiting Pr. Shuvra Bhattacharyya at UMD on november 2015.

  • the Metro Inn hotel In New Carrollton is convenient. It is not very expensive and you can access UMD by bus in about 40 minutes (15 minutes walk + 25 minutes by bus). The bus is numbered F6 and you can take it from the New Carrollton metro station. You may want to avoid walking to/from the metro station late at night but you can always take a taxi (for about 9$) or the free hotel Shuttle (from 7am to 10pm, running every 30mn). The F6 bus arrives directly to the center of the UMD Campus. A bus ride costs 1.75$.
  • if you want to use metro or bus to go around, you should buy a metrocard. To do so, you need to have (exactly) a 10$ bill and some stations (not all) have metrocard vending machines. The New Carrollton metro station has a metrocard vending machine. You can charge your metrocard in every metro stations, for instance by charging it with a 20$ bill. Metro cost depends on the distance. A metro ride between new Carrollton and downdown Washington costs 4.50$ and 3.50$ from Washington downdown to UMD. You can pay your F6 bus ride with metrocard.
  •  if you can enter USA without a visa, try to obtain a visa anyway if you come for more than a few weeks. Without a visa, you can not have a University ID (UID) and it restrains your possibilities within UMD.
  • parking is very expensive on campus. If you rent a car, try to avoid parking on campus if possible.

I hope it helps!


Published on  November 6th, 2015